J.Nolan "Going In" from Brook Millz on Vimeo.

New video from J.Nolan "Going In" Prod. by B. Syles and shot by BrookStyles


Added Love <3

I honestly think I'm going to get into the art of photography... I've been messing around with my boyfriend's new Nikon D5000 and I am absolutely in love with the thought of capturing the life around me through the lens of an amazing contraption and plastering my handy work all over the net! Of course fashion has to be involved one way or another. :) Stay tuned...

A little inspiration...

Go check out more episodes at Maestroknows.com see if this doesn't get you inspired. :)

5am Insomnia.

Why limit ourselves? Why try to mold ourselves to fit into the society we don't believe in?

People are twisted in the worst way, and I'm not talking about the pedophiles and rapist roaming the streets of our community right now, that's another topic I'll get on in a later post, Im talking broader like you and me. Why do we feel like we need to change ourselves completely to please others? We all do it! I too have victimized myself into caring what others in my community truly thought about me. Honestly why do we care?

Life is about expression, its about living the way you want to live and not have to worry about the thoughts of those sitting across from you at the coffee shop.

As I'm typing this I no longer care what you or the person peeping over your shoulder is thinking about me. It's time to just celebrate who we are as human beings. That's where all the real inspiration comes from. Not the barbies or the kens floating around in the industry (no shots fired). Nor does it come from the rappers with the big chains and iced out grills that they can barely speak through (agian no shots fired).

It's from lifestyle individuals like these

Photographers like this...

Who take shots like these...

Producers like this

Who does tracks for artists like this

This is where inspiration needs to be drawn from. From individuals like these. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but expression like this doesn't get any better.

So rid yourself of the ridiculousness of society's rules and become your own person. Become a walking inspiration for others. Let's not give into the trends or the fads, besides being like others gets pricey, being yourself is priceless. (corny I know, buy you all get the point! ;)


paparazzi backpack

The Hundred's Paparazzi Backpack, a very stylish way to carry around your professional camera. This also has to be the hardest thing to get a hold of as of right now. We've called Standard, they're out of stock, hell even the website is even out of stock. Not sure when they'll get more in, but I'm hoping it's soon.

I was going to get this for the boyfriend this year for either his birthday or Christmas, but as of right now... looks like this will be on hold for now. Im going to keep searching though. I love how simple it looks.


Video of the day.

"Pat Your Weave"
UCB feat. Wale

Honestly the only reason why i like this is because of Wale lol. Fun song/video.


Videos I Came Across Today.

"I Invented Sex"
Trey Songz
Im not a big fan of Trey Songz but what woman doesn't like this video lol.

"Im Good"
The Clipse feat. Rick Ross
Im not a big fan of Ricky Rawse but Im diggin' the song. Hell I dig anything Pharrel related. :)


First time I ever dressed up for Halloween. Being someone other than yourself is refreshing at times. Good times with friends is always a great occassion. CHEERS!

When it hurts...


Black is Dark.

As you all can see I did a little makeover on my blog. I felt that the black was too dark. Certain changes in my life (that I won't go into detail about) are happening and I feel a positive outlook on everything will help steer those changes into the right direction. I also have realized that I haven't utilized my blog to my advantage, so I want to really change that as well. Make use of this blog and really help people understand me and my passion on a more personal level. So to those who have read my posts, which Im sure probably isn't much, continue to do so. And for those who haven't, this is my welcome to you.*

Force the pain on yourself until it doesn't hurt anymore.



Oh it is love... when I set my lips against yours, It is love....

This is a look I've been seeing a lot lately. Its cute but I havent really seen it done right, until now. Instead of the lacey tights that I've seen paired with worn down shorts they chose a simpler basic pair of tights. Less is definately more.

My obsession with anchors and sailor (looks) has ended up on my blog. The belt is soo cute and the striped navy cardigan makes this outfit look like it could come off of a Tommy Hilfiger catalogue.

This one is actually my favorite look. Anybody heard the song blue suede shoes? These could've been in the elvis video back in the day. lol. I love how she put this look together. Overall a complete 2 thumbs up.

This is definately me. I know i was suppose to look outside of the box. But you could definately end up catching me in this. :)

Cute and simple. The knee high socks make the outfit that much better. I love the striped cardigan. I'd probably like it better if it were a different color. Maybe something brighter.

Vintage is beautiful. I love the grunge and the messy put together look. The boots and the scarf definately adds character to the outfit.

The jacket. Oh my gosh the wrap around beige trench has to be my favorite. Paired with the purple scarf and turqoise dress definately screamed out summer. I love the color play. I'd definately rock this.

The yellow is definately my favorite part about this outfit. Great casual, simple outfit for a day out. Oh how I love skinny jeans. :)

in my mind.

Have you ever sat up in your bed and just stared into a corner of your wall? Things start to blurr out and reality sets in. You kind of have an out of body experience and think that your life is really a dream and your about to wake up at any moment. Strange isnt it? I had those encounters a lot when I was younger and they just started to fade as time and years go by. I would actually like those experiences back.

Although I want to write more, my thoughts to me are very personal. And like streetlights they come and go as they please. Some linger long enough for me to think them over and over again, while some come and at a blink of an eye every trace of it is gone.



Yay Im excited about my new blog. I have a lot to say... just not enough time, hopefully this will help me out. I love all things fashion and music inspires me. Im yanna_be, Im still figuring myself out and that's what leads to my randomness. Welcome to my world.